Core Coaching team

BSEF have access to a vast coaching network and are able to provide a wide variety of sports and activities. The profiles below provide an introduction to our core coaching team.

Our projects are also supported by local volunteers, many of whom began as participants in our projects. If you are interested in supporting our work please get in touch.

Michael Gayle

Michael is an experienced Level 2 Basketball Coach and has played basketball to an incredibly high level, having captained the England National Team and the Birmingham Knights. Michael has over five years’ experience working with BSEF and as such, has extensive knowledge of the basketball landscape in Birmingham. He is an excellent coach and specialises in delivery to secondary school and college students and is the current coach of the University of Birmingham Women’s Team.

Jade Kinch

Jade is a Level 2 Basketball and Multi-sport Coach who specialises in working with female-only groups. Jade is experienced and comfortable leading groups of all ages, from primary school pupils to college students. Jade is also a qualified referee and table official and plays a key role in coordinating our school tournaments.

Curtis Griffiths

Curtis is a Level 2 Basketball, Football and Multi-sport Coach. Curtis is excellent at building the confidence of those who do not naturally excel in sporting activities and has built up great relationships with both primary and secondary schools across Birmingham.

Hayden Gibbons

Hayden is a Level 2 Basketball Coach. Hayden coaches young people of all ages and is increasingly involved in the development of youth basketball across Birmingham. Hayden is a qualified referee and supports the officiating of BSEF competitions.

James Bragg

James is an incredibly experienced coach and has a wide range of qualifications that enable him to deliver activities including football, racket sports and rugby, which has helped to broaden the scope of BSEF’s delivery programme. James coaches across Birmingham and has experience working with all age groups from primary school to college.

Robin Watson

Robin is one of our longest-serving coaches, with over 10 years of coaching experience in schools and as a head coach for a National League team. This experience has enabled Robin to build up a reputation for his flexible delivery style, which enables him to adapt activities to participants from all backgrounds, ages and abilities. Robin is also a disability-specialist and has worked extensively with young children with learning and physical disabilities.

Brenton Nugent

Brenton is a Level Two Basketball Coach and runs a basketball academy out of Dudley College. Brenton has been able to transfer this experience into the delivery of elite-level coaching sessions, aimed at those participants who demonstrate high-level ability.

All of our staff have completed first aid and safeguarding training to ensure that all sessions are delivered in a safe and structured manner.