What We Do

BSEF has a number of core delivery themes that encapsulate everything that we do.

These are:

Sport and Physical Activity

Providing inclusive opportunities for the West Midlands population to access regular sport and physical activity at a level that is appropriate for their ability.


Providing access to nationally-accredited vocational training programmes that aid the development of soft skills, strengthen CVs and academic performance and provide routes into employment.

Social Isolation

Working with those people who are on the margins of society and who require additional support to integrate themselves within their local community, thus creating stronger communities who are able to tackle challenges together.

Tackling Disadvantage

Providing opportunities for traditionally hard-to-reach groups, including people with disabilities and those who experience extreme deprivation, to access physical activity, health education and training programmes.

Within these delivery themes, BSEF currently deliver over 2700 hours of activity each year, which equates to over 50 hours each week. This extensive programme enables over 1000 young people around the Midlands to take part in at least one hour of physical activity each week and over the past five years we have worked in over 50 schools and community venues.