Why we do it

BSEF operate across the entire West Midlands area, although the majority of our work takes place in the city of Birmingham. Within Birmingham and the West Midlands there are a number of significant local challenges that we aim to address through our work.

These include:


A lack of access to sport and physical activity means that the health of the local population suffers. In Birmingham, over a quarter of the population are classed as obese and this significantly increases the likelihood that they will encounter a range of associated health conditions in the future.


This is a major issue in the city with almost a quarter of the population living in deprivation and over 30% of children growing up in poverty. This severely restricts their ability to access extra-curricular activities and their personal and physical development suffers as a result.


Just 54% of young people gain five A*-C grades at GCSE level, which has a direct impact on their employability. A worrying 4.1% of the population are currently out of work, which is just 0.3% short of the worst rate in the country.


Youth crime and anti-social behaviour is a major issue across the city, largely due to a lack of positive diversionary activities on offer during evenings and weekends. There are also a number of issues with gang crime in the city and incidences of gun and knife related violence are amongst the highest in the country.

Statistics sourced from Public Health England, 2016